If you’re trying to sell an inherited home, you already know how grueling the probate process can be. In Florida, a homeowner with a house in probate is tied up by law. You want to guarantee a good deal for your home, and yet you’re not allowed to list your property and can’t finalize a sale until the home is out of probate. This makes finding a buyer who’s willing to wait it out with you nearly impossible.

House Buyers FL buys homes in probate.

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Let’s talk about the probate process:

  1. A family inherits a home without a will or trust.
  2. If a family can’t come to terms, they’ll go to court to settle on who’s authorized to sell the home. This process takes anywhere from 90 days to a year.
  3. While the process is taking its course, the family is still responsible for all house expenses, including mortgage.
  4. The home is tied up from any official sale and can’t be listed on the market.
  5. The benefit of a cash buyer is that we’re willing to come and view the home and make a standing offer— an offer that will be finalized immediately after your home is out of probate.

You want to guarantee a fruitful sale for your house while it’s still in probate.

You don’t need to stress out about finding a viable buyer for your house while in probate. Very few buyers can find your house while it’s in probate, and even fewer are the ones who can be convinced to wait until your house is out of probate to secure a sale. We, on the other hand, can make you an offer immediately.


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